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Volgograd, Sarepta

Сысоев Егор, 11 «А» класс МОУ СОШ № 27 г. Волгограда
Руководитель проекта – учитель английского языка
Величко Татьяна Николаевна

Volgograd is my hometown. Its name is well-known all over the world. Volgograd has a rich history. It is a beautiful city with lots of attractions. One of them is Sarepta.
Russia’s first foreign colony of settlers from Europe – Sarepta was founded in the mouth of the Sarpy river in 1765. It was founded by the Germans as a religious mission. The German colonists had been living there for hundred years. They built a town hall, a Lutheran church and separate dormitories for single men and women, unique German library. The settlers were engaged in agriculture. Sarepta with their help became a real paradise. A lot of factories, plants, mills, drugstore were built there. The Germans were busy with producing different goods, trade, handicraft. Our city is famous for mustard production. The Germans found some big factories producing this delicious product. They took part in different spheres of science. They were the first who opened a resort on the Ergeninsky Mountains with the mineral water and mud-baths. This resort was called Ecaterininsky. In 1989 there was opened a State historical, ethnographical and architectural museum called “Old Sarepta”. The museum represents architectural and historical complex of German colonists’ buildings of the XVIII century.
Last year I was on an excursion devoted to history, culture, life and traditions of inhabitants of Sarepta, saw an exhibition in the House of the colonist where a study, a bedroom, a drawing room were shown.
If you happen to be in Volgograd, visit this interesting place. I think it is worth seeing.


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