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Переверзев Артём, ученик 5А класса
МБОУ Топчихинская средняя школа №1
Имени Героя России Дмитрия Ерофеева
Учитель: Фролова Валентина Константиновна

Are you tired of vanity and city noise? Have you decided to rest ? Welcome to Topchikha , the place of a calm family rest in every season. Combination of clear big lakes and small rivers, pine forests and steppes makes Topchikha a unique place for unforgettable impressions! There are sights you should definitely see in Topchikha!
At first, it is the district museum . It is such an interesting place where you can learn about the history and famous people of the district and also about traditions of local multinational population. You will see an interesting exhibition of the district`s animal world and even mammoth`s bones.
The second place you can visit is the Houses Factory. It is a modern successful plant with a good-natured staff. Another interesting place in Topchikha is the military base. A lot of boys and men like being there. At last, we would like to recommend to you a small trip to Lake Peschanoe. It is one of the biggest lake in Altay region. Its length is more than three kilometres. It is very pure. There is a pine forest around it. In summer you can swim, get suntanned and go fishing there. In winter you will enjoy skating or skiing walks. But in each season you will like the beautiful nature of this place and fantastic sunset most of all ! At your service there is a comfortable hotel at the shore of the lake. We are sure that you`ll like your trip.


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