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Topchikha, interesting facts

Макушев Вадим Сергеевич, ученик 6Б класса
МБОУ Топчихинская средняя школа №1
Имени Героя России Дмитрия Ерофеева
Учитель: Фролова Валентина Константиновна

If you don’t like to sit at home and like to travel - this is for you! I invite you to visit our village Topchikha. The village is located near the capital of Altai region, near Barnaul. It was formed on the 21-st of October 1915. The name of the village comes from the root of the word “top” or “topi”. If you’ll travel by train, the first sight you will see is the train station. This building is a historical monument of the Great Patriotic War. Trains went to the front from this station. Near the railway station there is a memorial to soldiers died during the Great Patriotic War.
Opposite it there is a Memorial of Fame. Here you can see busts of warriors of our countrymen who are the Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia. There is a memorable sign to victims of the Chernobyl tragedy at the end of the alley. But the main attraction of our village is the Museum of History.
It offers its visitors a lot of interesting excursions and exhibitions. The museum was founded in 1991. Near the museum there is a memorial sign to soldiers tankmen. During your visit you will learn how our village appeared and how many nationalities live here. More than that, you will learn about their way of life and culture.
You’ll hear the information about animals and birds of our area. One of the main museum exhibitions is: "Soldiers of the 20th century," a battle glory of our area. History lessons, meetings, festivals are often held in our museum. Museum workers are always glad to meet you. Come and visit our village, we’ll be very glad.


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