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Dear friends! I invite you to visit our beautiful village Topchikha!

Горлова Елена Олеговна, ученица 6Б класса.
МБОУ Топчихинская средняя школа №1
Имени Героя России Дмитрия Ерофеева
Учитель: Фролова Валентина Константиновна

It is the district center. It is located one hundred twenty kilometers from the city of Barnaul. The village has a lot of attractions: a timber-processing factory, a memorial to solders died during the Great Patriotic War, a district museum, a church and many others. One of the attractions is timber-processing factory LLC "Commonwealth". It is a plant of now holding company "Altayles." This plant has been working for two years. It is a new modern building with a unique set of equipment. The plant manufactures houses from glued timber. The plant can produce two hundred and fifty houses during the year. Fifty four specialists work on the Plant. The plant has already produced over one hundred eighty houses.
Holding company pays special attention to reforestation. Reforestation is used for the creation of new forest lands or for improvement of wood species. Company has nursery gardens for growing planting stock. Its area is more than ten thousand hectares. The main types are pine, larch and fir.
Another important holding’s task is to protect forests from fires and pests. Each company has fire-chemical complexes for fire prevention. Some of these are equipped with cameras. Company has fire engines type "ARS" and tractors with fire ploughs. So the aim of the company is to improve the forests’ conditions. Such an interesting company is on the territory of our village. I can tell you much more about our village. So come and visit us! We are waiting for you!!!


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