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Saint Petersburg, the North Venice

Ученики 9-а класса: Виноградова Наталья, Горчакова Елизавета,
Ильин Георгий, Засорина Алина, Кушнарёва Ксения,
Лысиков Артём, Морозова Елена.
Учитель: Бычкунова Елена Владиславовна
ГБОУ СОШ № 46. Город Санкт-Петербург

Saint Petersburg is situated on the Neva River and is famous as the North Venice because of numerous rivers and canals that separate the historic centre of the city. So it's hard to walk more than a few hundred metres without crossing a bridge. (All in all there are 342 bridges in our city). We are going to tell you about four unordinary bridges that cross the Moika River. These 4 bridges are situated quite close to each other and are similar in case of structure. So people often confused them. And in order to prevent the bridges mixing up, it was suggested to paint them or, in other words, to “colour-code” them.
One of the four colour-coded bridges crossing the Moika River, the Red Bridge carries Gorokhovaya Ulitsa, and has superb views on the Admiralty and the Alexander Gardens. The bridge dates back to 1814.
The Blue Bridge built of cast iron in 1818 is situated directly between St Isaac's Cathedral and the City Hall building and is as wide as the adjacent Isaakievskaya Square is the widest bridge in the world (97.3 metres). Carrying Nevsky Prospekt across the Moika River, the Green Bridge has been renamed several times since the first bridge was built here in 1716. The bridge has been reconstructed many times. It was fully restored in 1967. The fourth “colour-code” bridge is The Pevchesky or The Yellow Bridge crosses the Moika River close to Palace Square and the Choral Chapel, from which it takes its name. The Pevchesky Bridge is 72 meters wide, and consists of a single arched span of cast iron. The bridge's railings, of openwork cast iron, are particularly impressive.


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