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St. George’s Church in Vurnary

Михайлова Александра МБОУ «СОШ № 2»
Посёлка Вурнары Чувашской Республики.
Учитель – Физер Ольга Валериановна.

The settlement of Vurnary is situated in the central part of the Chuvash Republic. Its origins date bake to 1896 when Monastery of Alexandria was founded. In 1920s the Monastery was destroyed. But there is a strong spiritual connection between the founders of the Monastery and the modern citizens of our settlement. Today we are happy because there is a new wonderful church in Vurnary. It was named after St. George who suffered from the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 303 AD whose wife, Alexandra, after whom was name Monastery of Alexandria, was a wife of that emperor. She saw St. George’s feats and miracles and decided to become a Christian.
In 1997 the place of a future church was consecrated. The construction started at the same time. A great wonder had happened just before starting of the construction of the Church. An icon of the God’s Mother, called «Three Hands» was found in that place. The construction of the Church was long because there was no enough money to finish it. All citizens helped to finish the construction. At last, September 12th, 2011 the Metropolitan of Cheboksary and Chuvashia, Varnava conducted the first service.The President of the Chuvash Republic was there. It was a great day for all the citizens of Vurnary.
There is a Sunday schools for children and adults in St. George’s Church today. St. George’s Church is a wonderful pearl of our settlement. We like it very much. Everyone who wants to find God’s grace can find it there.


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