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Михайлова Александра МБОУ «СОШ № 2»
Посёлка Вурнары Чувашской Республики.
Учитель – Физер Ольга Валериановна.

My native settlement is Vurnary. The history of Vurnary dates back to the 19th century. The settlement was founded in 1896. It’s not a very large settlement with a population of about 14,000 people. Vurnary is situated in the very centre of Chuvashia.
There are some places of interest in Vurnary. You can see a Fountain of Desires, a big Monument to the Soviet Soldiers. Also you can see some other interesting monuments in our settlement. In summer we like to walk in the local park. It’s green and quiet.
Vurnary is an industrial centre. There are some big factories here. They are Vurnarsky Factory of Mixed Preparations and Vurnarsky Meat processing Plant. There are two secondary schools, a hotel, a museum an Art School, a Music School, two banks there. Nowadays a great number of new buildings are being constructed in it.
For sport fanciers there is a big sports centre and a stadium. We also have a football team, named ‘Khimik’ which took the 1st places in the republic competitions. I’m proud of it because I’m fond of football. Sometimes we go to watch the local matches. In summer all the citizens and guests like to spend their free time on the Vurnarka River. It’s a really beautiful place. The river isn’t big and it’s situated in the wood. You can have a picnic there. Also you can swim or just lie in the sun. You can play football or volleyball there. The river is the most popular place with children.
All my life is closely connected with this settlement. I’m happy to live here as I really love this town and I’ll never change it for any other place.


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