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My Grandfather's Name in the History of My Hometown

Марушин Данила Алексеевич, 4 «Б» класс
МОУ «Средняя общеобразовательная школа №12
с углубленным изучением иностранного языка»
Учитель английского языка: Суханова Вера Андреевна

My native land is the town of Elektrostal in the Moscow Region. In August, 1916, the first in Russia electro-metallurgical plant «Elektrostal» was founded. The settlement around it got the same name «Elektrostal». In December, 1938, it gained a town status. What he's young, handsome, native, the best! I like its hustle and bustle. We have fantastic facilities for the development in different fields as there are a lot of schools, colleges, universities, sports and arts clubs, culture palaces, swimming pools, stadiums and parks. People of different occupations live and work in Elektrostal. They are metallurgists and engineers, teachers and doctors, sportsmen and businessman, drivers and builders.
My Grandfather, Victor Andreevich Marushin, was one of the first builders of our town. In the 1970s a street named after Hero of Socialist Labour Ivan Yalagin appeared in a new district of the town. My Grandfather built this street as well as wide roads, beautiful houses together with Yalagin. In our family we keep my Grandfather's rewards that he got during his life as the best builder. I am proud of my Grandfather and I know why, when I walk down a street, I want to say, «This street was built y my Grandfather».
I've not decided yet what I want to be in my future life. But one thing I know for sure is that I want to be useful for the town where I was born, and I'll try my best so that people in Elektrostal would live happily and safely. This is what me Grandfather built our town for! Elektrostal grows, develops and prospers! I wish it good luck and hope my town will get its place on the Interactive Map of Russia!


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