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Ruza (Moscow region), history

Учитель английского языка
МБОУ «Гимназия №1 г. Рузы»
Гордейчик Наталья Евгеньевна

A small ancient town Ruza is situated 90 km to the west from Moscow. The history of our town is very rich. It was founded in 1328. Its first mentioning was in a last will of Moscow Prince Ivan Kalita to his children. So Ruza was one of a few towns which primordially were in Moscow principality. Our town was situated on its important western border. The Ruza-river was one of the most significant influxes of the Moscow-river. It is 154 km long. The mercantile ways from Varangians to Greeks passed here. Some remains of ancient fortresses along the banks of the river are still situated nowadays. One of them is in our town. It is called Gorodok. Before it was a very strong fortress built at the end of XIV century by order of Dmitry Donskoi. It is a typical example of defensive fortresses. Its position was very suitable: the bank of the river on the one side, all-round defence, and underground passages. All it made the fortress inaccessible not only in ancient times but later too.
In 1905 Ruza zemstvo decided to make here a public garden with a library and sports ground. There was also a museum of local history at this place. Today we have a very beautiful park with alleys of old trees here. Many concerts, festivals and holidays take place in it.
The revolutions and wars influenced upon our town, it suffered a great deal. But now it is reconstructed and we are proud of it.


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