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Altai - the pearl of Siberia

Первушина Анастасия Александровна
МБОУ «СОШ №12 с УИОП»,
г.Бийска, Алтайского края
Ученица 8А класса

It’s not hard to find Altai on the map of Russia. In the heart of Eurasian continent there is a territory of 170 thousand square kilometers, resembling a yellow flag in the wind.
The climate is continental with snowy and cold winters and warm summers. The nature is wonderful. Siberian taiga, Mongolian semi desert, Kazakhstans steppes are represented here in miniature. The Altai Mountains embrace this unique land and attract tourist attention by its unique beauty. The highest pick Belukha (4506 m) is on the south of the region. Rafting, hiking, skiing is possible here. The pearl of mountain forests, cedar gives wonderful cedar nuts and valuable timber. The lake Teletskoye or Altay Sea is one of the deepest lakes of the world. Its square is 231sq.km. Its depth reaches to 325 metres. The main rivers Katun and Biya make up the Ob, one of the biggest rivers of Siberia.
First people appeared here more than 300 thousand years ago. The remains of a woman with a child from Iran were found in the ancient burial of the oldest in Siberia Ulalin campsite. Even after thousands of years the skeletons impress people by their perfection. Now people of more than 80 ethnic groups live in Altai means golden from the Turkic altan, which stands for its fabulous beauty. Altai has not only got its rich historical past and special geographical position.
The great artist N.K.Rerich said that Altai is the center of greatest spiritual energy and radiates a high cosmic energy, forming the culture of future. Altai is called the pearl of Siberia with swift rivers, endless golden fields, ringing falls. The emerald taiga shadow and quiet sky reflecting in the highland lakes, Altai generously shows its treasures and beauty to those who are able to see them.


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