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Petergof is a beautiful town

Филиппова Дарья
Образовательное учреждение ГОУ СОШ № 2036
Ученица 4 «В» класса

Petergof is a beautiful town of Saint- Petersburg. Petergof - city with fontains, gardens, parks, palaces, and monuments. Petergof one is the more famous russians places. Peter I built Petergof what summers residence for King. Petergof have 2 parts:v Top garden and Lower park. There is Large palace, monuments, pavilions , fontains of Square ponds in Top garden . Centre monuments is fontains " Neptun " with cascade Аpollon.
In Lower garden beautiful place. More 150 fontains in park. Мarine gulf from the Big palace up to gulf of Finland divides park on two parts. Near entry in park you can see Large caskade with monument to Samson in its centre. Near caskade fontains " Bowls " and fontains " Marbles benches ". In east part park you can see caskade " Chese hilock " , fontain the " Sun " and fontains-jokes " Green tree" , " Umbrella " , " Oaklet " , fontain " Snop " , " Romans " fontains. In western part park you can visit wonderfull place Marli. There is the big rectangular pond and palace with two floors here . Fontains in westren part " Menajerns " and " Kloshi ", caskade " Lionine " and " Yelow hill ". In centre of park is pergola. In pergola you can find " Adam " and " Eva ". In some steps from gulf of Finland you can see lovely palace of Petr Monplizir.
In Petergof never no work pump. Nature oneself say decibe. Springs and heights from Top garden up to gulf of Finland could provide with water fontains.


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