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Peter the Great Monument

Тополева Екатерина, ученица 7»Б» класса
МОБУСОШ №37 г.Таганрога,
Учитель Королёва Т.И.

“Monument only increases the memory left by a man…”
George Alexandrov.

I ‘m interested in the history of our town.

The majestic figure of the Emperor Peter the Great is the symbol of Taganrog for many years. Peter the Great Monument is one of the best monuments in Russia.The idea to open the memorial to Peter I came to A. Alferaki,the Mayor of Taganrog in 1880. The Russian Emperor of Russia Alexander III gave his permission on June 5, 1893. In 1897 the Taganrog City Council issued a resolution to ask the sculptor Mark Antokolsky to produce a memorial to Peter I .It is the only monument of bronze made under the personal guidance of Antokolsky. In April 1898 A. Chekhov met with Antokolsky in Paris to arrange the production of a bronze statue.A.Chekhov personally contributed some donation as well as attracted the native people of Taganrog to give money for the monument.The bronze figure of the emperor was made in Paris.. The first attempt was a failure. The second was so successful that the sculptor came to delight.
The Emperor Peter is depicted in the uniform of an officer of the Preobrazhensky regiment with his right hand on the stick.The height of the bronze figure is 3,44 meters, its weight -1232 kilogram. The monument was transported from Marseilles to Taganrog in1901. The inscription on the pedestal reads: To the Emperor Peter I, Taganrog 1698-1898. This monument was an extraordinary event for Russia at the time. The opening ceremony took place on May 14, 1903. It was decided to place the monument in Peter Street next to the gate of the city garden..It was removed several times.In September 1948 the monument was moved to Komsomolsky Boulevard.
All the inhabitants and guests of Taganrog like to come here to admire the majestic figure of the emperor. Even in our time it represents the support and the protection for our city. I like living in my town and I’m proud of its history.
the Emperor Peter the Great


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