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The Stone Stairs

Бойко Анна,
Ученица 7 «Б»класса,
МОБУСОШ №37 Г.Таганрог

I’m good at dancing and drawing

The spirit of the architectural era can be felt everywhere in Taganrog. The stone staircase is one of the most remarkable sights.It was constructed by the project of the Italian architect Francesco Boffo with the money of Taganrog Greek merchant Gerasim Depaldo in 1823.During the existence the staircase changed its appearance several times. The steps made of the Sarmat stone were divided by thirteen landings.The top and the bottom steps have the same size.If you look down, the ladder seems identical.
The Stone stairs are the witness of the Russian military glory. In 1855 the enemy tried to occupy the town several times but the steep banks and the valor of the Taganrog defenders prevented that. Then the enemy sailors tried to get into the town this way.The Cossack troops of the Krasnyansky regiment opened the gunfire.The enemy had to give up.
The remains of the ancient Greek settlement were found at the bottom of the stairs in 1930.8 plaster antique figures of I-V centuries B.C.such as "Aphrodite Kapuansky", "the Milossky dog", "the Boy with a goose",30 Greek and Roman vases were placed there on the festive days of May,1935. The slope was planted with the greenery,lit by the projectors and lamps. Two gardens with the fountains, some stone benches for rest were constructed there. The staircase was reconstructed in 1972. The old steps were replaced by the smooth slabs of granite in 2006. The staircase has become more solemn. Our legendary stone staircase connects the old city centre with the picturesque embankment now. In front of the staircase there is a Greek sun dial, the symbol of Taganrog. The marble dial shows the time nowadays. It has become a tradition for all Taganrog school graduates to meet their first sunrise at the Stone Staircase. I like walking there too.


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