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Taganrog. Famous people

Kumanenko Anastasia
Form 9 V
The Municipal educational budget institution
Secondary comprehensive school № 37
with the profound studying of English and Art
Teacher: Kumanenko E.L.

Hello! My name is Anastasia. I am 15 and I live in Taganrog, it is my real birthplace and it is the real pearl on the Azov sea! Anton Chekhov, our great writer once said :” How many great people came from Taganrog! “It is very actual nowadays , because our town is very rich in famous people , who really made its popular and prestigious all over the world! First of all I can associate my native town with many renowed personalities. It is its our pride A. Chekhov , a prominent writer , who was born there. A. Chekhov’s house and the Chekhovs’ shop are greatly cherished.
At different times our town was visited by our famous writers and poets A. Pushkin , V . Mayakovsky, S. Yesenin, K. Paustovsky ; painter A. Kuindzhi; prominent statesmen and military leaders M. Kalinin, K. Voroshilov and S. Budyonny. It goes without saying that Taganrog has a rich tradition of honoring its historical landmarks and experience, and museum collections offer exhibits related to famous personalities, including authentic personal belongings of the Russian tsar Alexander I, the playwright and poet Nestor Kukolnik, the founder of Russian jazz music Valentin Parnakh, the founder of the Russian heraldy Alexander Lakier. Then we can name the circus artist and animal trainer Anatoly Durov, the greatest actress Faina Ranevskaya, the author of chidtren’s books Ivan Vasilenko , the romantic composer Achilles Alferaki, and many others.
Welcome to Taganrog to see its past, present and future! This place has the timeless charm and famous people that fascinated visitors from all over the world!


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