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Taganrog. Faina Ranevskaya

Kumanenko Anastasia. Form 9 V
The Municipal educational budget institution
Secondary comprehensive school № 37
with the profound studying of English and Art
Teacher: Taran N.N.

Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Anastasia Kumanenko. I am 15 and study at school 37. I live in Taganrog. I was born in Taganrog , it is my real birthplace , full of wonders, mystery and wonderful citizens !
I would like to make a presentation on Faina Ranevskaya, my favoutite and beloved actress and invite you to have a virtual trip to her monument, because it is so attractive and fascinating ! I think it is the best sight to an actress in my town. This beautiful monument designed by David Begalov is located in front of Faina Ranevskaya's birthplace in Frunze street , 10.It was really a great event in cultural life that on August 29, 1986, a memorial plate dedicated to F.Ranevskaya was placed on her birth house . It is planning to open a museum dedicated to the famous actress in the near future.
On May 16, 2008 the First International Ranevskaya Drama Festival "The Great Province" began in Taganrog. The event was dedicated to the memory of our outstanding actress. Mayor Fedyanin inaugurated the first ever monument to the great Russian actress F. Ranevskaya (Feldmann), People's Artist of USSR and three-time Stalin-Prize winner , who played 200 roles in theaters !
I heavily advertize you to visit this marvelous sight to feel its true size and beauty! The height of it is 215 meters and it is all made of bronze. This is real LYALYA with her charming smile and famous aphorism;” Mulya, don’t make me nervous! “ , who welcomes you , virtual visitors to Taganrog! F.Ranevskaya unfolded the peculiarity of her own gift, where eccentricity and tragedy, lyrical clownery and a delicate psychological pattern came together . You can get acquainted with her main roles in my presentation , that follows.
Welcome to Taganrog - it is your bounty and paradise!


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