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Kamskie Polyany. My Native Town

Имя: Карсакова Алла Сергеевна, ученица 7Б класса
МБОУ «Камскополянская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»
Нижнекамского района республики Татарстан.
Учитель: Шиндор Надежда Леонидовна.

Hello! My name is Alla. I’m fourteen years old. I’m in the 7-th form. I love my school and my favourite subject is English. I like to listen to music, to dance and to watch interesting TV programmes. I’d like to tell you about my native town. Kamskie Polyany is a small and nice town in Nizhnekamsk region of Tatarstan. It is located on the left picturesque bank of the Kama river. The population of my town is about 15 thousand people. The landscape of this locality is beautiful. From the hills everyone can see a splendid view: the vast forests surrounding the town, meadows and several lakes. Near the town there are many springs with cold and delicious water. All this adds much to the beauty of the town.
The village Kamskie Polyany was turned into a small town because of the Atomic station construction in 1983. But soon the construction was stopped because of the protests of the public of Tatarstan against the construction. People were afraid especially after the tragedy in Chernobyl. Now my town is one of the best towns of our Republic. There are many modern buildings, two schools, two libraries, a new modern hospital, several kindergartens and many shops. Here is a museum of Nature, where you can see different interesting exhibits of our native land. In the sport centre there are many sport sections. The cinema «Chulman-Su» attracts everybody’s attention with its architecture. There is a monument to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War in my town. It was built in honor of all soldiers who died in the Second World War.
Not far from the town there is a river port and an industrial zone with some plants and factories. Kamskie Polyany is a green and nice town. People, living here, are very friendly and hospitable. I love my native town! It is a beautiful corner of our huge world and it is worth seeing and visiting.


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