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Yelabuga is a historical town in the republic of Tatarstan

Малышева Наталья Александровна
ГАОУ ВПО «Набережночелнинский государственный
торгово-технологический институт»

Yelabuga is a historical town in the republic of Tatarstan. It is a special town. It is a successor and continuator of great historical events. Its monuments, created centuries ago, store a city soul, connecting the rich past with nowadays. Yelabuga is rich with its boundless pine woods, beautiful murmuring springs, lakes, easily flowing into the Kama river. In Yelabuga there are many orthodox cathedrals, ancient houses, historical and art museums. In my opinion the most known museum is I.I.Shishkin's house-museum. In this museum it’s very beautiful and it has got the atmosphere of Russian merchant life. There’re a lot of pictures drawn by Shishkin. My favourite picture is "Morning in a Pine Forest". In this town lived many famous people, such as I.I.Shishkin, M.Tsvetaeva, N. Durova. And now their monuments are established in honor of these people. Many interesting myths and legends are collected about Yelabuga. Here is one of a legendary street - "a Fool’s corner". On crossing Neftyannikov Avenue and Stroiteley Street there’s is a so-called "Fool’s corner ". And when you hear this name for the first time, you always ask a question: Why is it named so? It turns out that the name is connected with bus stops. Buses pass both along Stroiteley Street and Neftjannikov Avenue. And bus stops are on the different parts of the street, almost opposite each other. So, the people, standing at the corner of the crossway, look out for the bus and have to rush about here and there. And as people run from a stop to a stop like fools, a corner was nicknamed "a Fool’s corner".
It is possible to talk for hours about such beautiful town as Yelabuga . I love this city and I am proud of it. And in my opinion Yelabuga was, is and will be the most beautiful and worthy city in Tatarstan.


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