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My native village Malye Derbety

Монкурова Данара Игоревна
Мухлаева Булгун Дорджиевна
9 класс.
Учитель английского языка: Мухлаева Булгун Дорджиевна,
МБОУ «Малодербетовская средняя общеобразовательная школа№2»

Wherever I have been, my thoughts and my heart have always been with my native village Malye Derbety. I love its wide streets, sometimes very noisy but very sympathetic. I also love my native people though they are very different; someone is in a hurry to get to school, gymnasium, someone goes to the kindergarten with parents. Here you can see noble businessmen who have made their own carrier; my loving teachers go to work… It is impossible to imagine our village without domestic animals. I like to get up with the cry of cock early in the morning. If you look on the road you will see very graceful cows, crossing the streets. A cup of county milk in the morning! It’s wonderful!! You can’t imagine my village without these attributes of country life. Welcome to enjoy our clear, fresh, steppe air! It is difficult to understand our Russia without these small villages, ordinary people who work for our Motherland.
Malye Derbety is situated in the south of Russia. The geographical position of Malye Derbety is very favorable to import and export different kinds and agricultural products. There are many places of interest here. The sightseeing №1 is of course the monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War. I am very proud of native people! The well-known writer Velimir Khlebnikov was born here. There is a very interesting museum in Malye Derbety. When you arrive in Malye Derbety by car or by bus; the first thing that attracts your attention is the monument to antelopes. They are the symbol of our steppe. And how pleasant is to listen to Russian and Kalmyk songs! And the dombra!!!Welcome to Malye Derbety!!! So you can see it for yourselves.


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