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The Dagestan, fortress Naryn-Kala

Халидова Нурият Серажутдиновна
Ученица 9 класса
ГБОУ СОШ №793 г. Москва
Учитель: Золототрубова Татьяна Александровна

I’d like to tell you about Derbent. On the territory of Dagestan there is one of the oldest cities in our country - the city of Derbent with a famous fortress "Naryn-Kala", recognized by UNESCO as a monument of world importance. I have been there with me parents several times as my relations live there. It is a magnificent place full of wonders.
For many centuries the Naryn-Kala located on the hill protected the ancient city.
On the territory of the Naryn-Kala there are a few architectural monuments of different eras. There is a unique place inside the rock. Until recently it was thought that the huge carved into the rock underground niche served as a reservoir for water, but the research has shown that this is an ancient Christian temple. Another interesting place is an underground prison. It used to keep people sentenced to death. The walls of the prison gradually turned into the ceiling and didn't give any hope of escape. It is such a gloomy and awful place. Also there is a mosque there. It is one of seven mosques, which survived to this day. It is visited by a lot of tourists every day.
The fortress has a lot of fascinating historical sites and architectural monuments. I advise you to go there. You will be impressed by this ancient fortress.


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