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Novosibirsk, Academgorodok, Pirogov street

Опарина Марина Григорьевна,
6 а класс, МБОУ «Гимназия №5»,
учитель Соболева Екатерина Алексеевна

I live in Academgorodok. My house is on little, quiet and cute Pirogov street. It was named after a famous Russian surgeon of the 19th century, Nikolai Pirogov. Central Clinical Hospital is located there. It consists of several buildings, surrounded by a pine forest, in one of them my mother, a sister, a brother and I were born. The Novosibirsk State University, one of the best universities in our country, is also there.
Pirogov street connects the oldest centre of Academgorodok with a post office, a hotel and a big department store and Lavrentyev avenue with the buildings of scientific institutes. It is one and a half kilometers long and passes through the beautiful forest. Behind our house there is a cedar grove, which was planted thirty five years ago, and now we can enjoy delicious cedar cones with nuts. In summer we can pick mushrooms and berries right next to our house, and in winter we ski there. And at any time of the year we feed the squirrels and birds, which live there. I love my Akademgorodok and my street very much, like all students of the University, who composed this song many years ago:

My town - on Pirogov street
The town of three thousand fates,
The town of the huge pine trees
Evergreen and forever beautiful…


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