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Chulkovo. My native place

Руппель Татьяна Валериевна – учитель английского языка
МОУ Чулковская средняя общеобразовательная школа №20.
Педагогический стаж – 14 лет, квалификационная категория – I.
Работа подготовлена с учащимися 10 класса
Петюшиной Татьяной и Завьяловой Екатериной.

What makes Russian people miss their country when they are away: greatness of our Motherland or pride for our rich historical past? I think excep-tional beauty and unforgettable landscapes of provincial towns arouse nostalgia. The place where I live combines historical past, real beauty of Russian na-ture and national customs. According to the legends, ancient Slavs appeared at the foot of the hill, now named Borovskoy barrow, in the 11th century and town Borovsk was founded near the Moscow River. In the 16th century the place was renamed into Chulkovo after boyar Va-sily Chulkov . One more interesting version states that tzarevna Sophia washed her stockings in the river near our settlement. Nevertheless, the name has been preserved and is famous for the heroic past of our ancestors. Since ancient times our forefathers resisted the Tatars, the French invad-ers. In 1380 prince Vladimir Serpukhovskoy led his army to Kulikovo field through Borovskoy barrow. In 1812 General Kutuzov held Tarutinsky maneuver in the same place, the most important episode of the war. All these events impressed two teachers of the local school to found a school museum where they presented artifacts which were found in the local area. They infused several generations with love for their native place. A native place is our cradle and in the end of our way we realize that the place where we were born is the only shelter for an exhausted soul because we’ve become an integral part of your native place.


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