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Казакова Ульяна Александровна 6 класс
МБОУ Леснополянская СОШ, п.Лесные Поляны,
Пушкинский район, Московской области
Учитель Старцева Наталья Владимировна

My name is Kazakova Uliana. I’m in the sixth form in Lesnopolyanskaya school nearby Pushkino Moscow region.But I wanna tell you about my birthplace. Have you ever heard about Gus-Zheleznyj? It’s a settlement of the city type in Kasimovsky area of the Ryazan region of Russia. The population is not very large. It’s about 2203 inhabitants. Nowdays there are some factories producing metalwork tools. The settlement was founded in XVIIIth century at Iron Foundry factory based by the Batashevs brothers.
Gus-Zheleznyj stands on the river Goose. It is necessary to note about the Troitsk magnificent cathedral constructed in the first half of XVIII century. It was created in rare gothic style. Cathedral construction is connected with the Batashevs, the former owners of the iron factory on the river Goose, based in 1758. The big brother, Andrey Rodionovich, left some bad memory about himself. Many legends are connected with about «a garden of horrors» where punishments over the guilty serfs were created.The stories are told that there was an underground manufactory where by order of Batashev the false coin was minted. When the inspection had unexpectedly appeared from the capital, Andrey Rodionovich tried to hide traces of illegal manufacture and he ordered to fill up inputs in a vault. All workers who were there were lost...
Perhaps, to expiate this terrible crime the Batashev senior decided to erect in the ancestral lands a majestic temple which could decorate with itself a large European city?


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