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District - the Кhovrino, Region Golovino, Hovrino

Крылова Валерия
Образовательное учреждение ГБОУ гимназия №1590
Ученица 5 «В» класса

In the Northern Administrative District, 16 districts. This is the airport, Golovinsky, Begovoy, Beskudnikovsky, Voikovsky, Eastern Degunino, Dmitrovsky, Khoroshevskoe, Timiryazevsky, Sokol, Savyolovskiy, Koptevo, Levoberezhny, Molzhaninovsky, Western Degunino and the Khovrino. About the Khovrino and will be discussed. The history of the area Khovrino
The name of the district is connected with Khovrin- Golovin, about Khovrino and its inhabitants is mentioned since 1585. Khovrino Manor (now Grachevsky Park) was founded in 1840-1850. Khovrino - a beautiful part of the Moscow . In the management of the area classified as forest from the street to Dybenko Ring Road with access to the Moscow Canal, which creates tremendous opportunities for the rest of the residents and guests. It is also the hotel complex "Soyuz".
Khovrino associated with great events and deeds of people, honestly served their motherland in any career, selflessly love homeland and defend it without sparing their lives, striving to high spirituality, knowledge, good works, construction and creation of a better life. In the park Grachevsky buried the soldiers and officers Panfilov Infantry Division. Preserving the traditions of antiquity and today will help build and remodel, decorate and arrange well with the water surface of the green channel, a favorite area residentsKhovrino - scarlet part of the city.
Бабанова Дарья
Образовательное учреждение ГБОУ гимназия №1590
Ученица 6 «А» класса

Khovrino - the most beautiful part of the Moscow earth. In maintaining the area forest area from Dybenko Street to MKAD with an exit to Moscow Canal that creates huge possibilities for rest of inhabitants of the area and guests of the сapital is carried. Around Khovrino residential districts will be reconstructed. According to the resolution of the capital government, reconstruction assumes demolition of shabby 5-storeyed housing stock, construction of new houses, objects of social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools). The Khovrinsky thrown hospital— a building in the Northern district of Moscow around Khovrino, near to the railway station with the same name. The construction of hospital was begun in 1980 and suspended in 1985. From this point the building remains unfinished.


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