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Pushkin, Church "The Sign"

Магер Софья Алексеевна
School № 407

My name is Sonya Mager. I live in Russia in town Pushkin. I’m 14 years old. I go to school № 407. I have a lot of friend and we go drama club. I love my town and have a lot of favorite places there, but my favorite one is church «Znamenie»

The church of the virgin, is the oldest stone building in town Pushkin the only one architect I.J.Blank’s construction that exists nowadays. It is situated on Dvortsovay street in the center if the town next to Catherine’s Palace and Lyceum a 19th century school for the elite, where the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied. My family offer walks in these places, because it is quiet and peaceful here. The church was built in early baroque of letter the Great epoch. The construction lasted for 13 years(1734-1447).The most famous architects of the 18th century such as V.I. Nyelov, A.F. Vidov, S.A. Panini took part in its building. Just one-dome basil with a bell tower, decorated with pilaster on a facade, remained constant main architectural feature of the church. The new church in Tsarskoye Selo was named in the name of the Mother of God «The Sign». The icon was carried to the Church of the sing with special honors and procession that lasted there days which was attended by the Holy Synod. During the reign of Nicholas II the icon of St.Seraphim Sarovsky was also transferred to church of the sing. The icon is located in the temple and to this day. This icon is located in the temple up till now.


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