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Kurchatov, Kursk region

Анастасия Кислякова, 9 «А» класс
МБОУ «Гимназия № 1» г Курчатова
Учитель: Тарловская Елена Анатольевна,
учитель высшей квалификационной категории

When people hear of Kurchatov, they think of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant. A branch of Concern «Rosenergoatom», the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant is located on the Seim riverbank, 40 km west of the city of Kursk. The town-satellite of Kurchatov is situated 3 kilometers away from the nuclear power plant.
The Kursk NPP is a single-loop steam cycle plant – the steam supplied to turbines is produced in the reactor area by the way of coolant boiling when passing through it. Regular treated water that circulates in a closed circuit is used as a coolant. Cooling pond water is used for waste steam cooling in turbines steam condensers. The plant has four power units of RBMK-100 type (boiling water graphite moderated channel type reactor) forming two construction stages, and the construction of the fifth unit has been cancelled. Installed capacity of each generating unit is 1000 MW. The units were put into operation in 1976 (1st unit), 1979 (2nd unit), 1983 (3rd unit) and in 1985 (4th unit).
The Kursk NPP share in total installed capacity of all electric power plants in Chernozem region is 52%. The Kursk NPP as one of ten Russian nuclear power plants generated nearly fifth part of clean energy during their operation period. Electric power of the Kursk NPP is an energy produced without any harm to nature and people’s health. Over the whole operation period the Kursk NPP has exerted a negligible influence on the environment of the site and neighboring settlements. High level of operation and effective system of protective barriers eliminate uncontrollable impact of nuclear energy generation process on the environment.


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