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Kursk, Voskresensko-Ilyinskiy temple

Zhdanova Darya Alexandrovna
Form 10
Gymnasium № 44
Teacher: Elagina Yulia Anatolyevna

Driving or walking along the main street of Kursk, it is difficult not to pay attention to the “Voskresensko-Ilyinskiy” temple. The building of the Church is reflected in the mirrored blue walls of the bank. However, not all residents of our town know the history of this impressive church, which attracts the glances of every passer-by.
Four centuries ago on the site of the temple there was a house where homeless people found shelter. Later there was founded one of the main monasteries in the town. The present building was built in 1768. In 1926, the Cathedral was closed and there was placed the city archive. After the war, the bell tower of the cathedral was taken down and only 16 years ago, the church was re-opened under the name: “Voskresensko-Ilyinskiy” temple. What is more, the façade and the interior of the church were designed by the outstanding Russian artist – Appolinariy Vasnetsov. The reflection of the temple in the wall of the bank is a unique phenomenon. On the one hand, this wonderful place is in the heart of the city, opposite the central department store and the main road. However, the church is “hidden” behind the “Book House” and first of all people notice only the reflection.
As for me, I really enjoy visiting this place. The church gives a sense of security; the beauty of the town scenery is breathtaking!


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