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Igarka - a small town in the North

Серго Сабина Зубаировна
«СОШ г. Игарки» им.В.П.Астафьева, 10А класс
Фомина Татьяна Николаевна
«СОШ г. Игарки» им.В.П.Астафьева,
учитель иностранного языка

I would like to tell you about my favourite native town Igarka. Igarka is a small point on the geographical map, snow town in the North. I like nature in Igarka. We often go with my parents to the forest for mushrooms and berries, but sometimes we simply walk. The main value of our town is Yenisei river. Yenisei is one of the greatest rivers in the world. It is the much watered river of Russia. Many travellers admired the beauty of Yenisei and its banks. Among them there is the famous traveler Friotf Nansen, who described his own impressions in his book: «To the country of future».
Winter in Igarka is like a white cold desert. We have long polar nights. The weather changes very often. There are either strong winds with snow or strong frosts. In such days children don’t go to school. Sometimes miracle of magic beauty appears at the night– polar light on the gloomy sky. Polar light reminds a rainbow in the form of arcs and rays, which pours and plays bright colours. People of the North think that when a person dies, his soul goes away to the polar light to his fore fathers. In our town there are no amusements, as it is in big cities, but we may skate or ski. People in the North possess special human qualities: kindness, compassion.
The problem of our town is homeless dogs. A dog is a friend of a person. It knows every child. Special organizations can help to solve the problem of homeless dogs. «We are responsible for those, whom we tamed», - these words belongs to A. Saint – Exupery. I think everybody in my town will agree with me that Igarka is a monument to history and culture. I love Igarka and don’t forget it never.


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