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Попова Юлия Александровна
«СОШ г. Игарки» им.В.П.Астафьева, 8 В класс
Фомина Татьяна Николаевна
«СОШ г. Игарки» им.В.П.Астафьева, учитель иностранного языка

I live in Igarka. It is the north of Siberia. Our town is unusual. Igarka is more than 80 year old. First people came here in 1929. Earlier this area was populated by Evenks, Selkups, Nenets. Many years Igarka was the town-port. It was the famous river-and seaport. The creation of the port was difficult. The deportees built the saw-mill. The wood from Angara was rafted to Igarka. Here the deportees processed it into export saw-timber. Many ships from all over the world came to Igarka and took it. Our town was known in many countries. Unfortunately, it so happened during perestroyka that our timber became unclaimed and now there is no timber-factory in our town. The sea ships do not go to Igarka any more.
But not long ago oil was found near Igarka. Now everybody knows Vankor oil deposit. Many people of our town work there. Igarka has a rich history. We are proud that our first theatre which was opened in 1930s was named after the famous actress Vera Pashennaya. It was her idea to open the theatre when she went here on tour. Famous writers lived and worked in Igarka. Viktor Astafyev lived in our town in the children`s home. Later he wrote about it in his works. He visited often our town. His literature teacher in the children`s home was the famous poet Ignatiy Rozhdestvenskiy. It was he who noticed the literary talent of the future writer Viktor Astafyev. Our town has the Heroes of the World War II. They are P. Barbashov, V. Vilskiy.
We are proud of out Museum of Permafrost. It is the only museum in the world. It is situated at a depth of 10-14 metres under the ground. The temperature here is always below zero. Many tourists from different countries come to see this amazing museum. We love our northern town and are proud of it.


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