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Krasnaya Polyana, my native place

Усманова Айзиля Марсиловна
Самигуллина Айгуль Махмутовна
Ученицы 9А класса.
МКОУ СОШ с УИОП пгт. Красная Поляна Кировской области
Учитель - Обухова Татьяна Геннадьевна

Russia is the largest country in the world .Imagine yourself in a plane flying over its territory. You will see a wonderful sight. You will enjoy every minute of your flight. There are many cities, towns, villages and settlements in Russia. I live in the settlement of Krasnaya Polyana. It is situated in Kirov region on the left bank of the river Vyatka. Our settlement was established in 1949.The first name was the village of Beloguzka. After the war it was renamed to New Beloguzka and then Krasnaya Polyana. During the World War all our settlement was built by German prisoners, that’s why it was called “Voenstroi”. In 1949 the name of Krasnaya Polyana was appropriated.
Now days Krasnaya Polyana is a quite, picturesque country-side with many wonders. All seasons are very beautiful. In winter all leaf lees trees with heavy “caps” of snow decorate the landscape. Spring is one of the best season. In summer we enjoy every minute of the weather. In autumn we can admire colorful trees.
About 10 thousand people live in our settlement. People of different nationalities live here: Russian, Tatars, Maries, Udmurts. E very summer, in July, the holidays of “Sabantyi” is held. All citizens from our settlement and the nearest regions take an active part in this holiday. All people like to eat national Tatars dishes. The main prize is a ram. One of the sightseeing is a water tower. This is a very high, round, brick building. It is 143 meters high. There is a monument wich is situated on the stadium in the centre of Krasnaya Polyana. It was erected in the honour of all unknown solders who fought and died during the war.
I like my settlement. It is a peaceful, beautiful, quiet place.


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