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Zabaikalye krai , sights

Secondary comprehensive school № 9 Natalia Ustinovna Leontieva
Natalia Ustinovna Leontieva

English teacher for 35 years, faithful to V. P. Kusovlev’s teaching methodic appliances set for 18 years, Honorable RF Education worker, President’s best teachers competition of PNPE winner in 2007, fond of different projects.

Zabaikalye krai was formed on the 1st of March in 2008. And my students devote their compositions to the fourth birthday of our native home.

Olga Yegorova

Olga Yegorova – 8-former, 14 years old, favorite subjects – English, Russian, History and Geography; favorite free time activities – violin playing, classic music, singing, drawing.

In Zabaikalye krai there is a wide-known national park Alkhanai. It`s a unique natural temple and Buddhist sacred place. The mountain Alkhana is one of the highest in Zabaikalye. 340 plant species of the park are used in European and Tibetan medicine. But the greater peculiarity of the park is its spring containing silver, radon, chrome, zinc and beryl. Thousands of people go there to improve their health and enjoy all wonders of the park. Taking cold water baths influences effectively on many heart, vision, bone, skin and stomach diseases. The water is really icy but nobody has ever caught a cold here.
Alkhanai is a great well of natural and spiritual Buryat people`s wealth. Here you will feel a special atmosphere of harmonic Buddhist worship monuments and natural complexes collection. Aginsk lamas hold ritual ceremonies praying for prosperity of all living-beings of the Earth. Then many folk games, horse races, wrestlers and bow-drawers competitions take place. The ceremony “goroo” includes rocks climbing. The way begins from the rock grotto deepening of the rock Dimching Sume. Medicinal water runs from the rock cracks. Attending this natural temple is compulsory for all pilgrims. The favourite tourists` destination is so called “sinners` crack’’. Those who get through this crack are considered to clean their biological fields. But lamas are sure, your clean thoughts and a positive motivation of your actions will bring much better results. There are many stories telling about curing of women`s sterility. The way to the rock is difficult. But the rock temples “Gates”, “Naro Khazhid”, “Door”, “Wisdom” , “Icon- lamp” are worth seeing.
Looking down, you become wiser, kinder loyal, tolerant and reserved.

Anastasia Filippova

Anastasia Filippova – 9-former, 15 years old, favorite subjects – English, Russian, Literature; favorite writers – N. Gogol and A. Pushkin; free time preferences – the Chinese language, travelling (especially to China), dancing and drawing.

Zabaikalye is a taiga krai. It is rich in forests, steppes, mountains and hills. Our land is notable for one more distinguishing feature: there are more than twenty thousand lakes here. They are subdivided into four territorial groups: Charskaya, Ivano-Arakhleiskya, Toreiskaya and Tsentralnaya groups. The greatest lake system is represented by the Ivano-Arakhlei lakes. The group is situated in the tectonic cavity between the Yablonovy and Sosnovy mountain ranges.
The largest lake of the group is Arakhlei. The area of the water mirror is 58.2 square kilometers. Arakhlei is the favorite tourist’s destination for the local population and many guests. It attracts people by its soft fresh flowing water and fantastic sandy beaches. Around the lake there is a thick mixed forest. It is difficult to find more attractive place for rest and relaxation. That is why many Chita institutions and enterprises have tourist bases with nice wooden cottages on Arakhlei. You can enjoy camping rest in a pine or a birch wood as well. The lake lives a very changable life. It is incredibly beautiful on sunny days when water surface reflects the sky and the sun rays jump on the trembling water. In a rainy or windy weather the water turns black and the lake gets angry by stormy waves. Both male and female population are delighted by amazing fishing places. And the lake presents the fishers with many fish species: perch, crucian carp, pike, dace, chebak. In addition to all lake wonders there is medicinal mud there. Is not it a paradise on the land? We adore and respect greatly our magnificent lake. When we arrive there we great Him “How do you do, Arakhlei-batuska!”

Vilena Guslyakova

Vilena Guslyakova, 14 years old, 8-former. My preferences: Physics, Math, English, Art, Information. Free-time activities: knitting, biathlon, computer operating, theater acting, travelling, reading books.

Have you ever heard about «singing sands»? And about cold «Sahara»? Such an amazing sight will surprise you in the north of Zabaikalye krai. In the middle of taiga bogs in the valley of the river Chara you’ll see sand dunes. Charsky sands is the most northern desert in the world. A bright yellow spot among snow-covered rocky ridges Kodar and Udokan is really a great wonder! The width of sand masses is 5 km and the length is 15 km. Here you can see spruce oasis and a frigid blue ice lake in the middle of a yellow-orange desert. Can you imagine a glacier in the middle of the Sahara desert? It’s a wilderness of mountain tundra! Such contrasts seem to be impossible and unnatural, like north and south mixed up with each other. Charsky sands are a unique combination of sandy desert with dunes and the surrounding east-siberian pine-larch taiga with mountains which are covered with snow even in summer. Despite the small area of the desert its landscape is very diverse. In the central part are mostly small dunes with wind-deposited sand on the outskirts of the ridges and covered with sand. The highest dunes are located in the southwestern part of the array. The most powerful dunes in the center of the array look like frozen waves.
When a strong wind blows it rises plumes of sand in a few tens of meters. And during a light breeze one can hear sounds of «singing» sands. They seem to live their own lives. Reindeer, which calmly wander here, present a fantastic picture! Such a picturesque landscape is worth seeing, indeed! You are welcome to enjoy a real wonder of my native Zabaikalye.

Vilena Guslyakova

Vilena Guslyakova, 14 years old, 8-former. My preferences: Physics, Math, English, Art, Information. Free-time activities: knitting, biathlon, computer operating, theater acting, travelling, reading books.

Our Zabaikalye is a land of diverse landscapes. Its scenery varies from rocky mountains and hills to extensive steppes and rich taiga. I cannot help telling a legend about two famous mountains.
It was long ago. Great giants lived on the earth where there were no any mountains. In one tent of skin two close friends, giants Udokan and Kodar, lived. They hunted and fished together. One day they found an underground treasure. But being unable to share it, they start quarreling. They abused one another so loudly that all the birds and animals were frightened away. Udokan and Kodar drew their bows and let off fiery arrows into one another. Both friends fell dead on the treasure. The earth trembled then and a high mountain rose above them hiding deep that ill- starred treasure. And there were no any ways to it as the giants frightened people away by the wind blow, snow- storm howl and strong frosts. Years went by, but people couldn’t cope with the giants’ caprices.
For a long time the treasure was lying under seven seals, covered by Udokan and Kodar stone heaps. Once a woman-geologist came to that severe land. And the epic heroes, fascinated by her beauty, cleared the way to their wealth. They showed it and hid again. The woman admired the treasure and remembered the place for the people. And everyone began calling her COPER MOUNTAIW MISTRESS. Since then the geologists have been discovering some minerals after other ones. And many other of them are waiting for their time in Udokan and Kodar mountains.

Vladislav Gurin

Vladislav Gurin, 14 years old, 8 th-former Favourite subjects: English, Computer science, Physical education, Biology. Free- time activities: football playing, traveling and gardening.

You are unlikely to have heard about the land, as rich in mineral water sources as my native Zabaikalye. Our health-resorts Shivanda, Molokovka, and Kuka attract many people by physical and chemical characteristics of their mineral water. The oldest sanatorium is Darasun. It is situated 133 kilometres from the krai center Chita in a very picturesque place on the mountain river Darasunka. The mountain- taiga landscape makes the air here so special that every breath seems to add cheerfulness to the body and clearness to your mind. Hills, covered with pines, birches and rhododendron make Darasun a natural health- resort. Many gastric, nervous, cardiovascular and skin diseases can be cured by its water.
A very attractive place is the health- resort Urguchan. Due to the legend the mineral source was discovered by a hunter. He lost his way in the taiga, was very tired, his arms and legs hurt badly. He came across a liquid spring and tried the water for his joints. The hunter felt much better and told everything to his village people. Many people learned soon about this surprising water thanks to the close location of Yekaterinisk highway, known because of the Decembrists. The unique water and mud cure are useful for many health problems. And what is more amazing in our severe Zabaikalye is that we have here some hot springs on the river Chara. It does not freeze even in the coldest winter and is called folk nursing- home. Chlorine, sodium sulphate, magnesium and iron give the water medicinal value. Mixed forests of pine, spruce, cedar, birch, hawthorn and sweetbrier make the scenery fascinated.
What can be more useful for your health than such wonderful gifts of nature? So, you are welcome to Zabaikalye!


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