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Solovki Islands - North Pearl

Архангельская область, п. Соловецкий,
Соловецкая Средняя общеобразовательная школа
Максимова Татьяна Александровна 10 класс

Solovki - a small island in the heart of the White Sea. The wind is always blowing. Sometime people cannot get to the mainland, but in spite of it - for me there is no better place in this world! I live on this island all my life, but every day, leaving home, I am struck by the beauty of its nature. How to describe the misty sunrise over the tops of pine trees, fiery sunsets over the sea and the sound of Easter bells to wake the settlement? It is impossible to describe in words.
The Solovki monastery is the main attraction of Solovki. It was built in 1436 and currently is the largest historical monument of the Russian North. Solovki is also famous for the ancient labyrinths on Zayatsky Island. Solovki has many other interesting old buildings. For example the dam between the Big Solovki Island and the island of Muksalma, the system of canals between the lakes, the church - beacon on Sekirnaya hill... So Solovki - the best place in the world!
As written in the poem of one of the pupils of my school: "who has not been on Solovki - that has not see Russia!"


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