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The monument to Peter the Great

Первушина Мария Дмитриевна
МОУ ОГ№6 г. Архангельск

The monument to Peter the Great was unveiled in 1914 in Arkhangelsk. It's the work of an eminent Russian sculptor of the 19 century Mark Antokolski. Peter the Great is depicted in the uniform of a Preobrazhenski Regiment officer. The bronze statue of the tsar is 2.5 metres high and personifies the might of Russia. 4 dates are engraved on the pedestal of the monument: 1693, 1694, 1702,1911. The first three dates mean the years of Peter's visits to Arkhangelsk while the last date means the year of holding a contest for the best project of the pedestal.
During his first visit to Arkhangelsk in 1693 Peter 1 founded a shipyard in Solombala. In a year, in 1694, the Russian tsar arrived in Arkhangelsk for the second time to launch the first Russian trade ship 'Saint Paul'. Thus was the Russian Trade fleet born and Arkhangelsk is rightly considered to be a cradle of the Russian Fleet
During his third visit in 1702 Peter the Great supervised the construction of the Novodvinskaya Fortress which was located in the mouth of the Northern Dvina river. Peter I stayed in a small log house specially built for him on the island of Mark during his visit to Arkhangelsk. Later on, the island was washed away by the tides and in 1877 the house was moved to the centre of Arkhangelsk and set up on the embankment. A stone shelter was built over the house to protect it from decay.
In 1934 the house of Peter I was transported to Kolomenskoye - an outdoor architectural museum near Moscow. The remains of the stone foundation on which the house of Peter I used to stand can still be seen.


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