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Семенова Елена 11Б класс
МБУ СОШ №2, г Заринск, Алтайский край
Учитель: Семенова Людмила

Welcome to Altai region and our native town Zarinsk! He who hasn’t seen Altai doesn’t really know Russia. It is the pearl of Siberia. I think Zarinsk is the best town in Altai region. The history of Zarinsk goes back to 1979. It is a young town but a beautiful one. A wonderful church with golden domes is a visiting card of our town. It stands on the hill near Zarinsk. You can hear its bells’ chiming everywhere, especially on holidays. I’d like to say that: “He who hasn’t seen Zarinsk doesn’t really know Altai region”. The town and the nature around it are really generous. You can see a lot of birch, pine and fur-trees here. Bright flowers and grass diversity are everywhere around Zarinsk. It is wonderful in every season. Zarinsk is the administrative, industrial, transport and cultural centre. The Coke and Chemical Plant is the main industrial enterprise not only in Altai region but in Russia. It has business connections with many foreign countries. Its production is highly valued around the world. Zarinsk is a modern town with unstandard archirectural decisions. It was constructed to be pleasant to live in. the streets and prospects are straight and green. There are cosy and sweet recreation spots, flower beds, squares and parks in it. We have many places of rest in our town. We love it and are pround of Zarinsk. There is no place lika our native town!


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