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A village of Poletayevo

Гаврилова Анна Владимировна
Ученица 11 класса.
Учитель английского языка: Гаврилова Елена Викторовна

Поступаю в Челябинский Государственный Университет, факультет журналистики.

There is a village of Poletayevo not far from the Ural Mountains. It takes you half an hour to get to Chelyabinsk, the capital of the South Ural. Though you can hardly find Poletayevo on the map of Russia it has an interesting history. There are some legends about it. They say that a landowner Tayev was the first to found the village. So Poletayevo means “Tayev’s field”. Another story tells that it was founded as a Cossacks stanitsa and was named after the first settler. For the first time the village is mentioned in the documents in 1763 and refers to Chelyabinsk fortress. The first Cossacks were intended to serve by Empress Catherine II from Don. Young Cossacks have been sending to Orenburg to protect the southern borders of the Urals. On the outskirts of the village a great church was built. The ringing of its bells was heard at a distance of 15 kilometers. In 1956 it became the granary, later there was a club for young people. In the 70s only the foundation of the building was left. Married couple Copylovs came to the village in 1986. Natalia vowed to revive the temple. But they only managed to build a chapel. Its building began with the blessing of priest Iov. Savings of disabled spouses and donations of people from nearby villages went for the construction. Just as an old temple it is named after Iowan Predtecha. The chapel is near the ring- road of Chelyabinsk. Everyone who passes through it can ask for health and God's protection. You can baptize a child and read the burial service. Last year students from our school took part in a social project “A way to a Temple”. They planted flowers around the chapel. It’s important to point out that Poletayevo is a railway junction through which the Trans Siberian Railway passes. It was decided to begin the construction of the Siberian railway line Miass – Chelyabinsk in 1891. The first railway station was a small wooden building, but in 1914 a stone one was built and it still exists today. There you can see a memorial board devoted to Morosov strike’s leader P. Moiseyenko. May be somebody says that Poletayevo is an ordinary village like many others in Russia. But I’m proud of my native land. As I know my ancestors were Cossacks too. I’d like to hope that they also took part in the birth of my village.


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