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Агапова С.Л. , учитель английского языка.
Кононов Антон, ученик 8 класса,
ГБОУ специальной школы №4 г. Москвы

My family likes to travel very much. This winter holidays we went to Ulyanovsk from Moscow by car and had to stay in a small town. This place is called Alatyr and I was amazed by it! In their museum we have known that its name means ‘a white stone’. The town is rather beautiful and poetic. Two rivers, the Alatyr and the Sura, surround it. You can see the domes of the monasteries, recently raised from their ruins, stretch forth into the sky. The town will celebrate 460 years of history. It was in August 1552, during Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s conquest of Kazan that a wooden fortress and a settlement called Alatyr were built on the place where the River Alatyr flows into the River Sura. Until the end of the 17th century, the town was one of the large military outposts on the south-eastern frontier of the Russian state. As the people of Alatyr had bravely defended the Russian state, in 1780 Empress Catherine the Great granted the town its own coat of arms. In 1584, the Holy Trinity Men’s Monastery was founded, and in 1639, the Kievo-Nikolayevsky Women’s Monastery. In 1925, the Alatyr region became part of the Chuvash Republic, and since then it has been one of the largest industrial and cultural centres along the banks of the River Sura. Today, the population of Alatyr is about 48,000 people. There are several large factories in the town where electronic components and industrial fridges are made. Smaller factories produce paper, furniture, shoes, musical instruments and dairy products. There are 10 schools with primary and secondary departments, music, art and sports school, several technical colleges and a branch of the Chuvash State University.
We enjoyed visiting this place and I hope that you will like it too.


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