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Our native town is Mikhailov, Ryazan region

Михайловская средняя общеобразовательная школа № 2
Ученики 8 Б класса:
Снимщиков Андрей
Павлутина Мария
Никонов Илья
Учитель: Мерзлова Ксения Вячеславовна

Our native town is Mikhailov, Ryazan region. It is situated not far from Moscow, on the bank of the river Pronya. Our town has the rich history. The official date of its foundation is 1551, but in fact there are a lot of versions – 1238, 1137.
We are proud of our native town, especially of the fact that Mikhailov was the first town liberated during the Battle of Moscow in December, 1941. The town has a lot of memorable places and symbols connected with the Great Patriotic War. In the center of the town on the top of the steep hill there is a fighting tank T-34-85M. The tank is a part of the Memorial dedicated to the victims of this terrible war. We always go this place on the Victory Day. The other symbol is a cannon in front of the District Administration. This place was the defense position during those winter days in 1941. Of course in the town we have a lot of streets named in honour of the heroes of the war.
On the 7th of December, 2011 all the inhabitants of our town celebrated the 70th anniversary of Mikhailov liberation. Only 2 weeks the enemy was in our town but the fascists brought a lot of sorrows. At night on the 7th of December that memorable fight took place. The enemy was surrounded and the town was free.
This courageous defense was named «our Brest fortress» by our inhabitants. Of course it didn’t have much in common with Brest. But the fact of comparisions is very significant.


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