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Anapa, Lago and Nacky

Гостева Анна Михайловна
Ученица ГБОУ с углублённым изучением английского языка № 553
Уитель: Купцова Оксана Эдуардовна

I live in Saint-Petersburg, one of the most outstanding cities of the world. But there are a lot of other places in our country. I would like to tell you about a little town Anapa which is situated near Black sea and famous for its amazing nature and mountainous views. I usually spend there my summer holidays and have a great chance to admire the beauty of the town and its outskirts. Anapa is a treasure house of legends. Some of them have come up to nowadays. And one of them penetrated deeply into my heart. The events of the legend took us back in many years ago. Once upon a time Lago and Nacky met their great love in the mountains near the stream. They fell in love at first sight and since that moment they couldn`t breath apart each other. But it was impossible for them to be together, because she was a princess and he was a poor shepherd. And they preferred to leave this world in order to be together in the heaven. It`s a very romantic and sad legend that remind me great Shakespear and his famous Romeo and Juliet. In any case I advise everybody to visit this interesting and beautiful town. You will have a time of your life there.


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