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The history of NOYABRSK

Хабарова Ирина Вадимовна
учитель английского языка

Noyabrsk history began on the 13th of October 1973, when first exploring well was drilled. In March 1975 the first helicopter expedition of geologists and engineers landed on the ice of the river Itu-Yacha. There were forty men. Since that time Noyabrsk has celebrated its birthday. Then it wasn`t a town. The new village is situated 204 kilometers by railroad from Surgut-Urengoy. It’s coordinates are 67 degrees of eastern longitude and 75 degrees of northern latitude. It’s in the northern part of Tyumen region and in the southern part of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region.
The first people to arrive wee the gas workers. And only in 1979 the first oil workers came o Noyabrsk. A turning point in the history of the village became in April, 28, 1982. On that day, according to the Decree of Supreme Council of the Soviet Union the work village was recognized into a town. There were two variants to name the town – either Noyabrsky or Khanto. It was decided to call the town Noyabrsk because the first people landed there in November. In 1998 Noyabrsk won a prize in the regional competition “The city with all proper amenities in Russia”. The Siberian Oil Company was created in 1995 in the Decree of Russian President.
It occupies the fifth place in the country in oil extraction. Thanks to a good geographical positioning in the south of Yamal-Nenets autonomous region, the town had become “the southern gates” of the region. It’s impossible to imagine a modern town without monuments and memorials. There are several of them. It’s interesting that we have the unique in the world monument to a mosquito.


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