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Федотов Данила,
3 «Г» класс,
МАОУ «СОШ №4» ЯНАО г.Губкинский
учитель английского языка: Подорожняя Юлия Сергеевна

My name is Danila. I am 9 years old. I᾽m in the third form. I go in for swimming. Swimming is my favourite sport. Swimming makes me healthy and strong. I take part in competitions. I like English language. At home I speak English with my mum and dad. I would like to tell you about my Home Town.

My Home Town is Gubkinsky. It is the youngest town Yamalo – Nenetsky Autonomous Okrug. It is named after the Soviet geologist Ivan Gubkin. It was founded on April 22, 1986 as an oil-extracting settlement. Town status was granted to it in 1997. The town is only 26 years old. It is an industrial town where oil and gas industries are developed. Gubkinsky is a beautiful Town. It has many nice buildings. Purneftegaz Corporation and the Town Administration buildings are the most magnificent of them. We also have some beautiful sport and culture clubs, but the pride of our town is the Museum of Arts that contains a rich collection of exhibits and paintings of local masters. There is the School of national dance «Polar light», the glory about which scattered far beyond Yamal. In winter you can see the excellent ice town. In spring you can go fishing and hunting. In summer you can swim in the Pyakupur River. In autumn you can walk in the beautiful forest and gather mushrooms and some bilberry, cranberry, blueberry. There is also a big natural park near the river where people like to walk in warm weather. I like my Home Town.


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