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The Land’s End

N. Feoktistova,
the English teacher,
Irina Kop’eva and Daria Starovoitova,
11 A graders of the Chukotsky Regional Profile Lyceum, Anadyr.

Chukotka is located on the remote north-eastern end of Eurasia.
It has a total area of 721.5 km2 and about 45000 people live here.
Anadyr is the administrative and cultural centre.
Chukotka is washed by the East-Siberian, the Chukchi and the Bering Seas. The temperature of water rarely rises above +60C.
The climate is severe. The winter temperature often reaches -400C.
Summer is short, rainy and cold, in some places snow never even melts.
Despite harsh climate this frontier land is rich in natural and mineral resources. The rivers and lakes are full of fish, and salmon is the most popular. Huge deposits of gold, silver, oil, gas, coal, copper stretch all over.
There are large flocks of nesting birds here including kittiwakes, cormorants, seagulls.
The visitors will meet the indigenous peoples of Chukotka – the Chukchi, Yupik, Even, Chuvan, Yukagir and others.
They are both sea hunters and reindeer breeders.
The sea hunters go for walruses and whales in summer and in autumn, while winter and spring are for seal hunting.
The picturesque tundra is home for a great number of reindeer herds which provide people with home, food, shoes and clothing.
The Chukchi Peninsula and small islands around comprise the autonomous region which is packed with exciting places to go and interesting things to discover.
This land of permafrost will amaze you with its natural riches, history, flora and fauna, as well as the culture and art of the local inhabitants. The aboriginals are masters in cutting miniature sculptures of polar animals from walrus ivory and stag horn.
They are unsurpassed in decorative art made of fur and leather, traditional household articles and hunting equipment.
The mysterious Whale Alley, Wrangel Island, pre-historic drawings, diverse celebrations and rituals of Chukotka are worth seeing.


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