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I want to live in one of the most beautiful corner of Chelyabinsk region, Kopeysk. It is the only in the area to have the Order of the Red Banner as a reward of the heroism of the miners during the Civil War. I want you to know about this charming place of the world. The history of Kopeysk began in 18 century as a Cossack settlement along Lake Tugaykul. The first settlers were brave and strong people to live in uninhabited lands, weren’t they? When the first ton of coal was got, this area was called Ugolnye Kopi meaning coal mines. In 1933 this town of the miners was renamed. Now its name is Kopeysk.
Nowadays Kopeysk is not a small town for the miners. It is suitable for different people. Teachers, workers, businessmen, students …Everyone inds here something special. There are a lot of sights such as Museum of Local History, Premiera cinema, fountains in the eye of Kopeysk, monuments. Children can join hockey or cycling sport schools, different sport clubs are available, too. If you are tired due to your walking, have lunch at one of the many cafes or buy something nice in different shops, enjoy shopping in outstanding Slava Trade Center. Kopeysk is wonderful at any time, even at night because of amazing backlighting.
Kopeysk is rich with splendid places, but it is not crowded and noisy, there is not heavy traffic here. It is surprisingly calm and clean. Also there are pretty streets, squares, quiet alleys…They are fairly romantic, especially in spring when the apple-trees bloom. You can go for a walk and enjoy the peacefulness of the place. Kopeysk is a very friendly city with many places to admire. It is the ideal place to live.


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