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Ислентьева Надежда Владимировна
МБОУ «Гимназия № 127»
г. Снежинска Челябинской области
Учитель английского языка,
вторая категория, стаж 12 лет

I live in the Urals, in the town of Snezhinsk. It is situated in the north of Chelyabinsk region. Our town is small but it plays a great role in the life of our country. The history of our town began in 1957, when the first group of young scientists from Moscow and Leningrad arrived in the South Urals. Their aim was to create a nuclear shield of the country. There was no town here but in a few months the first houses appeared on the shore of a beautiful Lake Sinara thanks to the enthusiasm and a great desire of the young patriots.
Snezhinsk is Russia’s Nuclear Federal Centre. The main enterprise - the Research Institute of Nuclear Physics is known in Russia and abroad. Scientific workers and engineers who work at the Institute have made an enormous contribution to insuring the defence of our Motherland. Among our dwellers there are a lot of Lenin Prize laureates, State Prize laureates, academicians of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctors of science and candidates of science and many other people who glorified our town. The scientific potential of the specialists is highly appreciated all over the world. One can see some monuments and memorials to the scientists who worked in the Federal Nuclear Centre and glorified the Russian science: the monuments to I.V. Khurchatov, D.E. Vasiliev, V.Z. Netchai.
People who live in Snezhinsk try to do everything possible to keep their town clean and organized. My native town is very beautiful with its tall pine-trees and silver birches, lovely flowers and parks. The visitors of our town can’t help admiring it. They say that it looks like a resort. Many of them would like to live in Snezhinsk.
I love my native town and I’m proud of it.


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