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My Surgut

Стерхова Ирина Викторовна
Тюменская область, г. Сургут, МБОУ СОШ № 32.

Surgut is one of the Northern major towns with the population of about 314, 6 thousand people. The town was founded by Tsar Fyodor Ioanovich in 1594 on the banks of the river Ob. At that time it was a small settlement of native people Hunty and Mansy. They were very skilful in hunting and fishing. The word «Surgut» means “fish place.
Today Surgut is the town of the young people. There are several higher and middle special institutions, technical schools, 48 secondary schools, the Drama Theatre, Concert Halls, the Art Museum, and the Nature Museum,10 Lingyua Centers, many libraries, sports clubs, international and entertaining centers. The history of the town is shown by such monuments as the monument to Discovers of Surgut, the History museum. And of course all people who live in Surgut know the Surgut Bridge. Our Surgut is the homeland of famous sportsmen Proskyryakov Ilya, Bobkov Igor (hockey players), Maslow Victor (car racer). Our region is rich in oil and gas. That’s why I can say that Surgut is a town of oil and gas industry workers. The citizens are proud of their town.

  • The river Ob
  • The centre of Surgut
  • Native people
  • The monument to Discovers of Surgut
  • Surgut Bridge


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