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Beloyarskiy, the national and natural park Numto

Афонина Анастасия Дмитриевна, ученица 10 класса
МОСШ №3 г. Белоярский
Учитель английского языка: Санникова Наталья Петровна

Очень люблю английский язык. Много путешествую со своей семьёй. Считаю, что на свете много прекрасных и интересных мест, но самое лучшее то, где ты родился и живёшь.

I live in a beautiful town Beloyarskiy. It is situated in Western Siberia on the river Kazym (a tributary of the Ob) on the north of Khanty- Mansi Autonomous Area. Beloyarskiy is a special place. It is reach in black oil, gas and of course nature. But I would like to tell you not about our natural resources, but about nature. I’ll tell you some words about our natural park Numto. It is a national and natural park at the same time. This park’s main aim is to keep wilderness and traditional way of life of native people. Many native people live there: about 300 representatives of 2 ethnic groups: khanty and nenets. These people want to keep their traditions, customs and culture. Numto was founded in 1991. So we can say it is young. The territory of the park is large. It occupies about 700 ha. The park is named “Numto” because of the beautiful lake Numto that is situated on the territory of the park. One more interesting fact is connected with this lake. There is an island in the centre of it. Women are forbidden to step on this island, because it is a saint place. Only men and children are allowed to be on the island. Numto is a very special place. It is a complex of some natural zones: tundra and taiga. There are large territories of swamplands and forests, big and small beautiful lakes. More than that, many rare animals, birds and fish are in Numto: white-tailed eagle, red-breasted goose, lesser white-fronted goose, hooping swan, fish hawk, skunk bear American mink and others. Numto is a very young park, that’s why the tourism hasn’t been developed here yet. Only some groups of children mostly take trips to this beautiful park. Numto is a very special place - wild taiga and impassible swampland, clearest water under the crystalline blue sky, ringing stillness full of forest whisper, a miracle and marvelous land of ancient legends and tales. Welcome to Numto!!!


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