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The Vsehsvyatskaya Church

Писакин Никита, ученик 8 «В» класса,
МОБУ СОШ № 37, г.Таганрог.
Учитель: Тимофеева Елизавета Борисовна.

Hello! My name is Nikita. I am 14 years old. My native town is Taganrog which is not far from Rostov – on – Don. Taganrog is an ancient city. It was founded by Peter I in 1698 as a seaport. I am happy to live in such a very beautiful & interesting town. The way to see it is to buy a map or a guide – book but the best way is to explore it by yourself! There are a lot of places worthy attention in our town.
I’d like to tell you about one of them – about Vsehsvyatskaya Church, that is situated on the necropolis territory. It was constructed on donation funds. The empress Elizaveta Alexeyevna, the merchant Greko Depaldo and the Russian nobleman Varvatsy gave the money for its building. The original iconostasis consisting of multi – colored mosaic glass, enamel and porcelain has set since 1894. The church is famous for its chapel constructed on the grave of Pavel Pavlovich Stozhkov (St. Paul). He is known for his piety and prophecies. The memory of Pavel is honoured by the orthodox believers of Taganrog. The cemetery of Vsehsvyatskaya Church is famous for its beautiful crypts. And it is well described by Checkov in his story “Ionych”. This sacred place attracts a great number of people every year.
And I’d like you to visit this beautiful temple and enjoy its beauty! So, welcome to Taganrog!


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