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Plavinskiy Egor

I live in Taganrog, I like my town. I am 10, I am in 4th form. I like to listen to music, I am fond of reading, playing computer games, boxing.

Taganrog is my native town. I love it very much. Peter the Great founded the fortress and port town of Taganrog in 1698. The Great Russian writer Anton Chekhov was born and lived here. There are many sights in Taganrog. One of the sights is Alferaki Palace. The majestic building of the palace always attracts attention of visitors to its unusual architectural decoration. The building was built in 1848 by an outstanding Greek landholder N.D. Alferaki. His sons were famous people. One of them was a great scientist, a biologist. In 1879 S. Alferaki made an expedition to the Tine-Shan. The second son Achilles was a composer. More than hundred lyrical songs, plays for piano and opera "Forest King" were written by him. At the city council meetings, Achilles Alferaki introduced many new proposals. Some of them looked fantastic and wasteful for Taganrog's politicians, but some of them were realized. For example, Alferaki's proposals to erect a monument to Peter I and to make a major reconstruction of Taganrog's harbor were realized. He took part in the activity of Taganrog's Music and Dramatic Society. The first music classes and a symphony orchestra, directed by famous hand-master and composer Vyacheslav Suk opened in Taganrog. Music lovers like Mayor Alferaki himself helped Taganrog to become known as one of the most music-loving cities. With these rare sketches and drawings, we have a chance of seeing the people, who lived in Taganrog some hundred years ago. In the large hall of the Palace wonderful concerts were held, even celebrities and just well-known people came and attended the concerts. Being a well-known writer, A.P.Chekov while arriving in Taganrog visited the club. Its memorable description was given in some of his stories such as: "Ionych," "Mask," "My Life."


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