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Taganrog, Our Great Countryman

My name is Parviz Sharifov.
I am a pupil of School № 30
7B form Taganrog, Rostov Region.

I have got a mother,a father and a sister Nargiz,a student.
I also study well.My favourite subjeects are Russian, English, History.
I love my native town and want it to be better and cleaner.

A.P. Chekhov… This name has given Taganrog an unusual and a happy destiny.
A.P. Chekhov was born on the 29-th of January, 1890 in the town of Taganrog into the family of Pavel Egorovich.
In Taganrog young Chekhov saw the social picture of a small provincial Russian town. Here, in the suburbs of Taganrog he saw and loved Russian countryside.
He lived in Taganrog 19 years, 19 first, important years, when a character was formed. His literature activity started here too. In spring of 1879 he finished the Gymnasium and left for Moscow where he entered the Medical institute. He also worked in the humour magazines publishing short stories. Wherever he was Chekhov always remembered and helped his native town. It was he who has founded the Town Library and gave all the books that he had collected. Soon it become one of the best in the province. In was he who has tried hard to open the Water Hospital, who has helped to make running water. He dreamed that Taganrog would have a beautiful park. That is why he sent to Taganrog a lot of seeds of rare plants. And of course is was he who has helped to open the Town Museum. And he spent his own money to buy pictures of famous artists for the Picture Gallery. "I am so happy to be useful to my native town that I love so much." - he wrote.
So it was our Chekhov, a kind, noble, generous and responsible man. Many streets remind us about him. Here is the former house of Moiseev, now-the Chekhov Shop, where Anton helped his dad. Nearby is the Gymnasium, where the future writer studied and wrote his 1-st compositions-now it is School №2 by Chekhov. While reading Chekhov we notice some details that remind us Taganrog. Love to Taganrog Chekhov brought across all his life. And in all his books we see Taganrog features. They are people and customs of a small provincial town, funny and sad situations.
Here we can see our Chekhov as he was made by the sculptor Rukavishnikov. This monument was opened in 1960-to his 100-th anniversary. The writer is attentive, a bit sad. Reading a book, for a minute he stopped reading, smiled and looked forward to the future of Taganrog. This is our great countryman, OUR EVERYTHING!


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