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The architecture of the city

Кузнецов Артем
МОБУ СОШ №37 , 7 «А»
Учитель: Таран Натальи Николаевны.

Мне нравится изучать английский язык и родной город.

On Sundays I am fond of walking with my dad in little streets. Some time ago we visited the Museum of Art. I was impressed by its gorgeous building in classic style. There are some sculptures in the yard, ancient equipment and all this creates a fantastic atmosphere as if I were in a small palace. The guide told us, that this museum was officially inaugurated in 1968, but the basis of the museum collection was formed by the end of 19th century. Certainly A.P. Chekhov helped the museum, sending pictures, sculptures to his native town. There are paintings by Russian and foreign artists, also there is a picture by Savitsky, our Taganrog artist.
Our museum has interesting expositions, for example we saw Da Vinci`s inventions. There were an auto, a submarine, a tank, a machinegun and some other his works. Everybody could touch these exhibits, check how they work, I even shot from a little cannon and crossed a wooden bridge, built without a nail!
Speaking about a place of interest, it is impossible not to say about Alferaki Palace. This palace represents architectural treasure of our town in baroque. In this magnificent palace Achilles Alferaki spent his childhood. Thanks to collections of art in Alferaki Palace, we have a chance to see the way people lived in Taganrog some hundreds years ago. We have a great opportunity of getting the spirit of parties and balls that time. I imagine that I`m in a rich mansion, and everything is prepared for a ball. In a minute guests will come and a girl will play the piano. In the end I want to say that I like my town and if someone asks me why, I’ll answer that this old town isn`t boring and provincial, it’s exciting to me!


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