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East or West Home is Best

Студент 1 «А» курса
Отделения «Прикладная информатика в образовании»
ГБОУ СПО РО «Каменский педагогический колледж»
Юдина Анна Игоревна
Преподаватель английского языка
ГБОУ СПО РО «Каменский педагогический колледж»
Юдина Ольга Ивановна

My name is Ann Yudina.
I am the 1 st year student of the Teachers’ Training College. My college is situated in Kamensk, Rostov Region. My native town is small but it is comfortable and clean. Our college is situated in the centre of Kamensk. It is one of the oldest educational institutions of our region. It was founded in 1925. Our college graduates work in Kamensk, in the Kamensk district, in towns and cities of our country and even abroad. There are some departments at the college. They are a Foreign Language Department, an Art Department, a Physical Training Department, a Primary Education Department and some others. I am a student of the Information Technology Department.

At the age of 16 I decided to enter the college. Most of my former classmates didn’t have the slightest idea of what they wanted to be. When I was in the 9 th form at school, I had so many ideas about my future. But it was my mother whose advice I followed. She has been teaching English for 12 years at the college.
Besides, I decided to stay in my native town. I was born here and I love it very much. I like to walk along the straight and clean streets of Kamensk. I have got my friends here. My friends and I enjoy going to the bank of the river. We spend many hours playing games together, communicating with each other or travelling somewhere. I made up my mind to stay in my native town because my grandparents and parents live in Kamensk. I love my family very much. And I don’t want to part with my mother and father. When I have to leave my town, I always miss it and my family. I think that people’s native towns are the dearest places in the world. They connect us with our parents, relatives, friends. My native town helps me feel better, and more confident. East or West, Home is Best.


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