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The Khakas Yurta

Шулбаева Оксана Олеговна
4курс, педагогическое отделение
Колледж педагогического образования, информатики и права
ХГУ им. Н.Ф. Катанова

Abakan is the capital of the republic of Khakasia. It is rich in different museums. One can visit the Museum of Local Studies, the Museum of the Railway and others. The yurta is a unique museum. It was the traditional dwelling of the Khakas people. It was round and in the middle of it there was a fire place. The Khakas proverb says “the soul of the yurta is the fire”. The Khakas called it “Mother of Fire”. Everybody had to feed the fire with food before each mealtime. The door in such yurtas looked to the east. If you want to come in you should cross the threshold, take off your hat and say “Hello”. You should not stand and sit on the threshold or you can be ill. It is the khakas superstition. There was a male’s part to the left from the door and a female’s part to the right. In the female’s part one can see cupboards with different crockery. In the yurta one can see one or two boxes (chests) where the khakas people kept clothes and food. A bed was opposite the door. Also the Khakas yurta had honorable and not honorable parts. The place between the door and the fireplace was an unhonorable part of the yurta. Behind the fire there was an honorable part. The Khakas kept their dwelling tidy. A broom was honorable and magic. They thought that the broom didn’t allow the devil to enter the yurta. Nowadays people do not live in such yurtas but they are kept as museums of the past.
In the yurta you can see national clothes. Its cutting-out is comfortable for the steppe style of life. The ethic peculiarities of the khakas national clothes and adornments are connected with the national word outlook, seamstresses made masterpieces of art. Beautiful and picturesque ornaments are on national fur coats, dresses and waistcoats.
Such museum is worth visiting, it is interesting and cognitive.


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